PMMA, acrylic, Plexiglas®, Perspex®, and many more

CO2 lasers are optimal for laser cutting acrylic, particularly when creating acrylic signage, point of sale displays and illuminated, neon adverts. When laser cutting acrylic, the result depends on various components – first and foremost the material itself, but also the CO2  laser used, and the performance of the laser cutter.

How does laser cutting and engraving work?

Laser cutting produces a crystal-clear edge giving the appearance of flame polishing without the time consuming  and costly after treatment. When laser engraving acrylic glass and Plexiglas, the surface layer is removed.

What effect can I achieve on acrylic glass and Plexiglas®?

With a laser machine even very thick acrylic can be cut and engraved. Highly intricate photos can be replicated by the process of laser etching and delicate geometries produced. Crystal clear edges are produced with a flame polished appearance, adding value without adding additional post production costs.  

The precise axis drives and intelligent air flow of the laser cutting machine ensure you always get the best results when laser cutting Acrylglas®. On top of this, low-reflection aluminum support lamellas guarantee that workpieces always turn out perfect.

What about the vapours produced during acrylic cutting?

Vapours are extracted and filtered directly in the engraving compartment. This saves time during the cleaning of the system. Unlike milling cutters, no chips—which need to be disposed of at high cost afterwards—are produced during the laser cutting of plexiglass. 

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