Cutting, scribing, grooving and perforating with laser paper cutters

Laser cutting is a quick and easy process that can be used to process paper, paperboard and cardboard for packaging consruction, model making or scrapbooking. A laser cutting machine sets you apart from the competition, opening up new design avenues and operating with faster production speeds.

How does laser cutting and laser engraving paper work?

Lasers are particularly suited for realising even the finest geometries with maximum precision and quality, something a cutting plotter is unable to do. Laser paper cutting machines not only allow for cutting even the most delicate paper forms, but also the effortless engraving of logos or pictures.

Does the paper burn during laser cutting?

Just like wood, which has a similar chemical composition, paper is evaporated suddenly. This is called sublimation. In the area of the cutting clearance, the paper escapes in gaseous form, which is visible in the form smoke (at a high rate). This smoke transports the heat away from the paper, meaning that the thermal load on the paper near the cutting clearance is relatively low. If you cut your material with a laser, it will have no smoke residues or burnt edges, even for the finest contours.