Lasers are versatile machines.   It is amazing what can be achieved with creative design and good material selection. Using the top of the range laser machinery enables us to offer fabrication and finishing services, so we can now assist with even more of your project, from creation to completion.  We’re always amazed and excited by client designs and can’t wait to see what will come next, Contact us with your ideas and designs and leave it to us to bring it to life. 

Displays & Signage

Shop signs, museum signage, exhibition signs, point of sale, window display, sets and props. You name it, you can make it. This really is such a large category it’s best to browse the showcase of signage we’ve made in the past to understand more what you can achieve.

Plastic Cutting & Engraving

There are hundreds of different types of plastics you can cut and engrave for a extraordinary amount of applications.

Generally speaking there are two different forms of plastics; thermosetting plastics that cure and set when heated and thermo softening plastics which melt when heated but can also be re-formed. Thermo softening plastics laser cut much more cleanly in most cases with a slightly polished edge. The only plastic we can’t cut is Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) as the fumes aren’t very nice for humans or the machines!

Paper & Card

Create Incredible intricate laser cut paper and card designs for a range of applications.

Metal Engraving

Laser engraving metal is a durable and legible way of marking many metal materials. Different processes are used depending on the type of metal being engraved;

Treated metals – anodized, lacquered, spray veneered

If the metal has been pre-treated or coated the laser will engrave away this top coating to reveal the metal finish below. Different treated metals will produce different effects.

Glass Engraving

Glass engraving / etching with a CO2 laser produces a beautiful frosted effect.

You can etch custom logos, text and any other artwork onto either flat sheets of glass or cylindrical glass objects. Perfect for bespoke signage or branding a batch of glass objects.